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Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry for Your Loved One This Valentine's Day - Priced at $150 and Under

Unique, handcrafted jewelry, priced at $150 US dollars or less, from brands committed to social and environmental responsibility. Perfect ethical Valentine’s Day gifts for your discerning loved one.

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Wear Your Values: Inspiration and Insight From Ayesha Barenblat of Remake

With over ten years of work under her belt working across brands, manufacturers, and governments to improve the fashion industry’s commitment to these women, Ayesha Barenblat realized that she had to do more.  The Rana Plaza factory collapse made this feeling even more urgent, so she left her job to found Remake, in hopes of sparking a  movement to make fashion a positive force for everyone.

Remake is a sleek digital platform in which users can discover ethical and sustainable brands, watch powerful films, shop , and read stories on a variety of topics within this space.

On using Remake as a space to change the narrative on the way we discuss issues within the fashion industry, Barenblat says: “I believe in the power of hopeful storytelling because behavioural science shows that people are not moved by a pain-centered narrative. We become numb to bad news – be it sweatshop workers or refugees faraway. It’s hard for people to make a connection to these stories with their daily life.

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