Stuff Your Face With Vegan Food! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Sedona, Arizona

My husband and I very recently packed up our car and our dog and made the drive from Rhode Island to our new home in California.

February isn’t the most ideal time of year to make a cross-country drive, especially since we did want to stop and see some sights along the way, but our salty New England blood steeled us against the cold weather as we explored a very chilly Nasvhille, snowy Santa Fe, and , finally, a much sunnier and warmer Sedona.

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I didn’t really know what to expect in Sedona , but I knew I would experience some red rocks and lovely scenic vistas.

I did anticipate an eclectic mix of tourists in town: the one’s drawn to Sedona for all the outdoor activities on tap (hiking, mountain biking, ATV tours and the like), and then those enticed by the lore of Sedona’s vortexes - areas of swirling masculine and feminine Earth energies that are said to be so strong they provide emotional healing and a sense of well-being.

For many, a visit to Sedona is akin to a spiritual mecca; these visitors are searching for spiritual guidance and wisdom that they hope to find from a very powerful source in Nature. But if they don’t find it there, they can try their luck at one of the myriad shops offering aura clearings, psychic readings, past-life regression sessions, or crystals to remedy all sorts of ailments.

Because Sedona is America’s new-age capital, I had expected more vegan restaurants. I don’t know why, exactly, but the whole converge-with-the-Earth’s-spiritual-energies vibes seems to mesh with what is at the core of veganism. So, I was surprised that the selection was lacking.

This doesn’t mean I left disappointed - on the contrary, in my short one-day visit I enjoyed three delicious vegan meals that I would enjoy again in a heartbeat.

All in all, I ended up having a blast in Sedona and wished we had stayed longer. I was absolutely floored by the beauty of the red rocks - I can understand why people feel such a powerful spiritual connection when they visit. It is awe inspiring.

So, without further ado, whether your in town for nature, spiritual healing and reflection, or all of the above, here is your guide for where to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Sedona, Arizona.


IC: Local Juicery

IC: Local Juicery

Local Juicery

3150 West State Route 89A

I never go too heavy on breakfast (brunch is another story!), especially if I’m going to be engaging in physical activity, so the Local Juicery hit the spot. I do wish it opened a bit earlier than 8am, but if you take one of the easier hikes to watch the sunrise at one of Sedona’s famed vortexes, you can reward yourself with a treat here afterwards. (Hot Tip: if you aren’t a morning person but want to experience a Vortex sunrise, the Airport Vortex is closest to town, and a quick little climb atop the scenic lookout will offer stunning sunrise views.)

Local Juicery offers the typical pressed juices one would expect at this type of establishment, as well as the usual breakfast bowls and plant mylks, but they also offer healthy, 100% plant-based waffles that taste much more indulgent than they actually are. Packed with all sorts of super foods, antioxidants, and healthful ingredients, they taste delicious, will satisfy any sweet tooth, and, best of all won’t leave you feeling like garbage and in need of a food nap after.

IC: Local Juicery

IC: Local Juicery

In fact, I found that I was able to go on a nice hike almost immediately after. Local Juicery also sells various supplements and super food powders from brands like Sun Potion and Pearl Butter, as well as body and skincare products from local brands and also CAP beauty.


vegan tamale


1155 West State Route 89A

It’s no surprise that this adorable hole-in-the-wall spot is a local favorite - it’s absolutely delicious and I was elated when I discovered that they offer vegan tamales. Do you know how hard it is to find vegan tamales!?

If tamales aren’t your thing, they have additional vegan offerings including chile rellenos, portobello mushrooms in mole sauce, and enchiliadas with poblano peppers.

But I indulged in a tamale and I’m so happy I did - my husband can attest to the food dance I performed as I sat there happily enjoyed each bite.

You may not want to go for a hike after a meal at Tamaliza - it’s super filling. Instead, stroll around town and pop into one of the many shops or maybe chat with a psychic or get an aura reading.

Hot Tip: Order your vegan tamale “supreme” to get all the delicious toppings like beans, guacamole, fresh spinach and pickled radishes. Just be sure to ask for no cheese or sour cream!


chocola tree.jpg

Chocola Tree Cafe

1595 West State Route 89A

If you’re turned off by crunchy vegan vibes and strange musical stylings (think: chanting and spiritual type mantras with lots of bells and drum beats) then this place might not be for you. But, I would say it’s worth suffering through because the food is quite good , the staff is very friendly, and they ultimately have a very beautiful vision of elevating human consciousness to bring forth peace and well-being to all beings and the planet. They work toward this vision by operating their cafe as sustainably as possible, and through projects like the Mother Earth Restoration Trust and the various other ways they give back.

The space itself is quite cozy and conducive to relaxation.

There is a dog-friendly patio, as well as gardens in the back providing additional seating when it’s warm enough.

I don’t believe they serve alcohol, but they have an nice selection of teas and coffees. So while this may not be your typical date-night dinner spot, I would say the overall vibe is intimate and perfect for engaging in nice conversation.

Their healthful menu offers a selection of raw, living meals, prepared without heat. The rest of the menu offers cooked fare. I enjoyed a surprisingly delicious corn chowder, which was very warming on that chilly night. My husband and I then shared the Green Goddess salad and the Sedona 2020 Enchilada, which was enormous, flavorful, and super filling. As with our meal at the Local Juicery, our meal here, while generously portioned, was very satisfying without leaving us feeling uncomfortably full. I guess even after all these years eating a vegan diet, I am still amazed by the way my body reacts to plant-based meals as opposed to meals containing dairy and other animal products. Particularly when dining out.

Hot Tip: Save some room for dessert and order a couple of their little homemade vegan donuts - ask to have it warmed. And, of course, order some of their handmade fair-trade raw chocolates to-go.

Know of any other vegan-friendly restaurants in Sedona? Leave a comment!