The Single Best Topical Product I've Ever Used to Treat Acne Is Not What You'd Expect

My skin isn’t great. I have a lot of issues ranging from melasma and hyperpigmentation, to hormonal acne, and just overall sensitivity. I’ve often joked that my skin will breakout if you look at in a displeased way.

And I know I’ve talked about this topic before, but it’s something that I devote a lot of time thinking about and trying to correct. Our face is what we present to the world, and it can be hard to face that world confidently when we’re feeling insecure about the condition of our skin.

I am well aware that healing from the inside is the most important aspect in resolving my skin troubles - for me that means everything from figuring out that there are certain foods that exacerbate my skin problems to learning about plants and herbs that help to balance hormones, which is my main problem (hello, melasma!).

But, along with healing oneself internally, it’s also crucial to use skincare products and topical treatments that are suited to one’s unique needs and can help aid in healing, clearing, and preventing future issues from developing.

I have tried an embarrassing number of skincare products to address my skin concerns with a widely varying range of success - from completely unsuccessful, to making my problems worse, to sort of effective.

Again, for me my problems are mostly hormonal so I can’t control it completely with topical products, but I do expect a good acne treatment to reduce the duration of my breakouts and help decrease the frequency, at the very least.

I’ve been mildly pleased - if underwhelmed - by the majority of products I’ve tried in the past, but all that has changed since I’ve added the CLEAR preparation of True Botanicals’ Pure Radiance Oil to my skincare regimen.

TB clear.jpg

Seriously, this stuff is magic, but I was a bit apprehensive and a lot skeptical about using an oil to treat my acne. Conventional wisdom would suggest that oil causes breakouts, and should be avoided at all costs. I already trust True Botanicals, as I use other products in their line, so coupled with the fabulous reviews of this oil and the list of healing ingredients, I thought it would be worth a try.

I’ve been using this oil for a couple of months now, and my breakouts have been less frequent, and less severe. I absolutely still breakout around my period, but I’ve noticed that they’re not nearly as bad, and the pimples heal more quickly.

Orange in color, it only takes a couple of drops to cover the skin entirely. It glides on smoothly, and has a pleasant and bright scent. My skin looks dewy and refreshed immediately after application, and it feels hydrated throughout the day.

I apply a few drops to my skin morning and night. When I’m having a breakout I’ll also use a small drop of oil as a spot treatment, which I’ve found to be effective as well.

The effectiveness of this product is in the quality of the ingredients. While each ingredient in this blend is beneficial, there are a few stand outs that pack the most punch.

The star ingredient, helichrysum oil, also known as immortelle, is derived from flowers which are members of the sunflower family.

Helychrisum oil is derived from the yellow flowers of the helychrisum italicum, also referred to as the curry plant.

Helychrisum oil is derived from the yellow flowers of the helychrisum italicum, also referred to as the curry plant.

Long revered for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, it’s also a highly effective soothing and anti-inflammatory agent which is well suited for broken out skin.


Hemp, pumpkin, and grapeseed oils are added to balance sebum production. Sebum is important in protecting the skin against dehydration, but too much of it means clogged pores and an overall oily looking appearance. But this blend of oils actually helps to unclog pores and restore skin to its ideal pH - take THAT anyone who has ever told you to avoid oils to treat acne!

Finally, algae extract and astaxanthin, which is also derived from algae, provides the skin with nourishing omega-3 fatty acids to help restore the skin’s barrier function. Astaxanthin may also prevent and reverse damage caused by sun exposure and is also known to be anti-inflammatory.

If you’re suffering from oily acne prone skin, or breakouts caused by hormonal problems, then I would highly recommend adding this oil into your existing routine.

If acne isn’t a problem for you, consider yourself lucky, and check out the two other blends in the Pure Radiance Oil collection: renew and calm.

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