Fall Accessories Edit : 6 Eco-Friendly Handbags That Prove Woven and Natural Materials Aren't Just For Summer Anymore

I've always loved a good woven or natural cotton bag, and this summer they were the ubiquitous summer accessory carried by just about everyone - most notable among them were the traditional woven Ata roundie bags originally from Indonesia.

As the summer has given way to fall, and we march on toward winter, it seems as though everyone has put their woven bags into storage, in favor of something more seasonably appropriate.

But, I intend to carry my faithful woven bags throughout the colder months - who says they have to be an accessory relegated only to warmer days?

Here are a few ethically made bags that one might typically associate with warmer months , but would look great over the shoulder of your winter coat, or nestled against those chunky winter white sweaters.


Top Row


Intended to be seasonless pieces, Catzorange bags are timeless and sophisticated with simple, yet funcitonal shapes. Made from natural cotton rope in Brooklyn, NY, bags not left in their natural state are dyed naturally in small batches.

Cosimo White With Tortoise Handle | $270

Woven Cotton Bucket Bag in Black | $220

Middle Row


Kayu bags are handcrafted by women cooperatives in the Philipines, Malaysia, and Indonesia using sustainable materials whenever possible. For example. any wood components are made from engineered plywood, which are byproducts of the furniture industry, and all straw is natural straw that has been harvested and dyed by hand.

Dylan Tote | $260

Made from wooden wicker, the Dylan tote is a great option for holidays with the metallic rope strap and blue velvet self-tie lining.

Hudson Tote | $160

The bamboo handle gives this rust colored velvet bag a natural vibe.

Bottom Row

Marta Buda

Marta Katarzyna Buda is a textile designer and maker. Each bag is handmade from cotton and hemp on a table loom and finishes by hand.

Handwoven Bag in Lila Safari Strip | $340 NZD

Hartwood House

Made in Indonesia, profits from the sale of each bag are donated to the Orangutan Project.

The Ava Bag | $109

Each Ava is ethically made from bamboo.