Channel Your Inner World Traveler With Vibrant Jewelry From These 4 Brands

Lately I love jewelry with beads and trinkets and charms. Pieces that look as though they've been collected traveling through far flung markets and bazaars.

Sure it's easy to find cheap, mass produced pieces in this style just about anywhere, but it's not as easy finding pieces from artisans who handmake each one ethically, using high quality materials.



Handmade in Hawaii

Awattz strikes an interesting balance between earthy and edgy by incorporating metals and natural elements, like shells, into their jewelry designs. This balance creates a look that is more elevated than your typical boho, beachy jewelry.  

And forget how you felt about the cringeworthy 90's cowrie and puka shells trend; Awattz manages to make cowrie shells look stylish, relevant, and cool.

Salihah Moore.jpg

Handmade in Colorado

Designed and handcrafted by Colorado based artist Salihah Moore, each earring is unique and draws inspiration from nature.  Striving to keep alive the ancient art of weaving seed beads together, Moore does not always premeditate the pattern or palette of her designs - instead, each piece is a true artistic impulse.  She uses Czech and Japanese seed beads in all her work.


Handmade in Brooklyn

Known for their signature piece, a braided waxed nylon bracelet with a charm or bead, I think of them kind of like friendship bracelets- but for grown ups who like nice things.

I initially fell in love with Scosha several years ago when my husband was shopping for his wedding band.  He found a really nice, sort of quirky, silver band at their cozy brick-and-mortar shop in Brooklyn. Like a kid in a candy store, my eyes widened with excitement as I looked at all their beaded bracelets, and all their delicate necklaces and rings, some adorned with trinkets , others studded with diamonds and other precious gems. Since then, I've added a bracelet, a ring, and earrings to my expanding Scosha collection, and love gifting bracelets like the Easy Going Charm bracelet, or the Easy Going Moon Charm bracelet.

Founded by namesake Scosha Woolridge, the brand offers many of their classic braided waxed thread and beaded bracelets at pretty reasonable prices, while also offering higher priced options which include precious metals and stones, in addition to an entire fine jewelry collection, which includes some pieces that would be perfect as an engagement ring.

They offer rebraiding services in the event that a bracelet or necklace begins to unravel - but I've been wearing mine for almost two years, without ever taking it off, and have not needed it fixed. 

mata trader malika.jpg

Artisan Made Fair Trade

A design driven, fair trade brand hand crafted by artisans in Nepal and India, Mata Traders is committed to keeping ancient craft traditions alive while providing fair wage work opportunities to women in historically gender stratified societies.  The pieces pictured below are some of my favorite picks from their current jewelry collection.