This is The Best Vegan Taco You'll Ever Have

Stop everything and get your bum to JaJaJa Plantas Mexicana  - you can thank me later. 

I've  dined at highly anticipated vegan restaurants only to be disappointed  before - like the time I dined at Cienfuegos in the East Village. Nice ambience, but meh food.

Fortunately, JaJaJa is a spot that actually stands up to all its hype.

The setting alone is worth a trip to this entirely plant-based Mexican spot tucked in a cozy corner of Manhattan's LES. The  tropical-meets-desert-oasis dreamy color palette with endless summer vibes would lift any mood on a dull, dreary, day. Especially after the wretched spring we've had.

jajaja bar.jpg

I hear there's usually a wait, which was the case when my husband and I arrived, so it's wise to saddle up to a stool at the bar.  While waiting for a table, enjoy an expertly mixed, Instagram worthy, cocktail with vibrant combinations like mezcal and coconut, or a mezcal old fashioned. 

The Food

On the starters menu you'll find the usual Mexican favorites, like nachos and guacamole, along with many other interesting options that you aren't likely to find elsewhere.  As we waited for our table, we tucked into the Sikil Pak, which is a delightfully spicy dip of pumpkin seeds and habanero, served with plantain chips. 

The main menu includes a nice variety of options: specialties, tacos (2 per order, so great for sharing if you're a couple), and bowls for the more health conscious diners.

jajaja serves brunch on the weekends

jajaja serves brunch on the weekends

I quite enjoyed the dinosaur kale salad (who knew a kale salad could be so tasty?), the street corn, and the Azteca Chile Relleno, which was prepared in a super flavorful broth that I would have drank directly from the bowl if it were acceptable.

BUT, nothing was as enjoyable as the buffalo flower taco, which is, hands down, the most delicious taco I have ever had in my life.

Doesn't look like much - but it will take you to flavor town.

Doesn't look like much - but it will take you to flavor town.

The delicate crunch of the tempura'd cauliflower, the creaminess of the queso azul, and the brightness of whatever the hell else is in there, come together to form a heavenly taste explosion in your mouth. 

But in all seriousness, I obviously highly recommend this taco, but I would also recommend just about everything else at this spot - except for the chorizo taco, which I didn't love.

My condolences to you if you don't live in the NYC area, or aren't planning a trip there soon, because you're missing out!

Have you been to JaJaJa? Do you agree? Where do you think the best vegan taco can be found? Let me know!

*all photos via JaJaJa