Welcome to Here & There Collective, a space dedicated to animal and eco-friendly living!

When I became vegan five years ago, I never imagined the impact it would have on my lifestyle and the lens through which I view and interact with the world.  It was a gateway into learning and reflecting  more about our relationship with animals and how we commodify them, yes, but it also led me to learning more about the complexities of environmental and sustainaibility concerns, the interconnectedness of various social justice issues, ethical issues within the fashion industry, and so on.

As I continue to learn and evolve to try to live more consciously, I wanted to create a space where I could share and connect with others who wish to do the same.

Covering a wide breadth of topics concerned with sustainability and plant based living, my goal is to inform readers how to live a fulfilling and happy life in a way that is more conscious of the planet and all the creatures who call it home.

Follow along for a variety of eco and vegan friendly content: travel guides, interviews with movers and shakers in the sustainability space -from fashion designers to plant based chefs , and conversations on difficult issues we currently face - from climate change to animal rights.  Whether you're here, there, or anywhere, I think we can try to do our best to be kinder to one another and the planet.